Coaching with Sydney has brought so much insight and balance into my life. She is amazing at listening and incredibly perceptive when it comes to asking the right questions. I’m beyond grateful for her time and presence during my transition from college to “the real world”. Through her coaching I’ve developed the direction, ambition, and tools to move forward in my life.
–Maci Felton- Denver, CO

Purposeful people live well.

In a society increasingly marked by disconnection, depression and anxiety, and lack of fulfillment, why are we willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on our children’s formal education without honing in on what they really love and want to contribute to the world?

As adults, we can forget that we aren’t trying to help our kids get into this college, or make that team, or prep for this job; that deep down, most of us would like them to have a purpose which nourishes them in the happiest and hardest of times so that they live well.

We are all on a journey of endless learning and self-cultivation driven by dreams that, when nourished early, grow people who walk through life rooted in the strength of a deep interconnection with the world. I hold that young people are already filled with the creativity, power, and wisdom they need to grow, bloom, and fruit into their full potential. This is not a goal to “achieve” but a process to revel and live into. By holding these youth at their highest, they can begin to see themselves in a similar light…and then live it.

How can we help the next generation live purposefully?

As a coach, I assist young people in birthing their ideas and fullest possibility into reality. Whether they are struggling with feelings of powerlessness and ineffectiveness or stand out as a “model student”; whether they’ve wanted to be a doctor since age five or haven’t the slightest clue where they are going next, all benefit from support and direction on a personal level that gives credence and value to their own pursuits and paths. I am fiercely devoted to the power, vision, and beauty of our youth and am dedicated to nourishing the dreams of our new generations.

I work with youth one-on-one and in small group settings to co-create a courageous space where they can explore any experience, idea, or challenge. We establish their goals and clarify their values, weaving them together to make them reality. My role is to kindle their awareness and appreciation of their own ability, not to tell them how to live their life.

I am here to:

  • Create a courageous, supportive environment for your child
  • Respect your child’s needs, values, background, and learning style
  • Hold your child accountable to their values and goals
  • Believe in the most full and powerful version of your child
  • See your child as whole, beautiful, and capable
  • Stand committed to your child’s purpose
  • Be curious, listen deeply, and intuit opportunities for transformation
  • Tend the fertile ground of self-exploration and discovery
  • Challenge limiting beliefs that don’t serve your child and weed out drains and entanglements
  • Support new and desired learning and behaviors
  • Resource your child with tools, questions, and different perspectives

What does this look like?

Every session is unique! By asking transformative questions, listening for and intuiting deeper needs, using the body and its movement as teachers, visioning freely, and exploring new perspectives, I create openings for young people to access their intrinsic wisdom and potential.

Overarching themes that arise include:

  • Understanding life purpose
  • Purpose that works into your vocation
  • Healthy relationships to people, self, food, environment, technology, etc
  • College and career path-carving
  • Self-understanding
  • Depressurizing big goals and making them accessible
  • Accountability
  • “Un-sticking”


One-on-one sessions are typically held weekly or biweekly over the phone with virtual support between sessions. This format allows us the flexibility of not commuting to one another, often feels less inhibiting, and allows us to focus more on the topic at hand.  In person sessions are available when requested and as possible.

Do you work with small classrooms or groups?

In-person, interactive sessions for small groups and classrooms are available on request and are custom-tailored to the age, subject matter, and needs of the group.

More questions? Visit my FAQ page.

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