Welcome! I am Sydney Morical, a certified life coach with a worldview steeped in whole earth connection, integrated community resilience, and a deep love of human potential. I am also a budding plant medicine woman, permacultress, and singer swirled with a rush of contagious laughter and golden curls.

I come from a loving family in the Land of Sky-tinted Water, talking to plants and swimming between the islands of Lake Minnetonka…when I wasn’t nose deep in academia or competitively sailing.

In 2008 I moved to Los Angeles to attend USC and obtain degrees in Environmental Studies and Gender Studies. At this point in my life I can look back and say that what was taught in the classroom feels way less impactful than the relationships and projects I was involved in on a community level and how they served as the beginning of the unraveling and remaking of long-held conceptions of what was important to me and how I wanted to give my time to this life.

 In fulfilling my childhood dream of living and working on regenerative development projects in the Peruvian Amazon, I recognized that most if not all of the issues we were working with derived from my own society’s exported extractive, exploitative worldview and that my calling was actually much closer to home. I moved back to the US to start learning how I could best resource people in actualizing their full aliveness and purpose while reestablishing our connections with ourselves, each other, and the non-human world.

I am currently living in a tiny house on wheels in Missoula, Montana that I designed and built with my partner in life and love, Jared. Around the world or on a bicycle, we are often found exploring, bringing people together with good food, and planting seeds.

Feeling inspired? Let’s be in touch! Feel free to reach out via email.

Be well,