The first thing I noticed about Sydney was her laughter. It spills out of her in a cascade of joy and creativity that is utterly contagious! Sydney has a zestful curiosity about life that is both childlike and wise. Whenever I get off the phone after working with her, I feel lighter in my step, more connected to myself, to nature, and to all beings. In each session, she manages to weave my stories into a story of a larger whole, imparting her gifts of poetic inquiry, guided meditation, empathetic listening, and firm yet loving nudging. I feel so safe and seen with Sydney, trusting her patience with my process and her faith in human resilience and ability to transform. I already feel that the goals and dreams I set at the beginning of working with her are manifesting in delightful and surprising ways. She is a powerful healer and a truly inspirational human being who I am honored to work with.
–Becca Dewitt- Oakland, CA

The WHY: You are nourishing

You are here to create, not just consume. You are whole and a part of something bigger and more magnificent that we will ever understand. You are filled with all the wisdom and strength that you need to face whatever lies ahead, behind, or within. Your smallness is imbued with purpose and shaped/defined by contribution. You seek greater understanding and relationship with yourself, your community, and your world. You are capable.

This isn’t some hypothetical reality, this is happening NOW!! Every moment, the cells of our bodies are regenerating and recreating us anew. Your life is a sea of possibilities with which you can consciously engage or be passively moved by. If you are waiting for an invitation to live fully, beautifully, and purposefully: stop. The invitation is always waiting, you choose how you engage.You Breathe in the knowing that you The first step is now.

How can you cultivate a more nourishing life?

By embracing the power that lies within you to shape your perception and actions, and therein shape your life. By knowing that the journey is the destination, and there are no shortcuts. By learning to love yourself and from there learning how to love the world.

Together we consciously co-create our coaching relationship as a courageous space where you can explore any experience, idea, or challenge, whether personal or professional. I work in partnership with you to achieve your goals and dreams, holding you as the authority on your life. I am here to kindle your awareness and appreciation of your own ability, not to tell you how to live your life. This space is ours.

What do I offer as a coach?:

I am here to:

  • Create a courageous, supportive environment
  • Respect your needs, values, background, and learning style
  • Hold you accountable to your values and goals
  • Believe in the most full and powerful version of you
  • See you as whole, beautiful, and capable
  • Stand committed to your purpose
  • Be curious, listen deeply, and intuit opportunities for transformation
  • Tend the fertile ground of self-exploration and discovery
  • Challenge limiting beliefs that don’t serve you and weed out drains and entanglements
  • Support new and desired learning and behaviors
  • Resource you with tools, questions, and different perspectives

What does this look like?:

Sessions are typically held weekly or biweekly over the phone with virtual support between sessions. This format allows both of us the flexibility of not commuting to one another (Montana is a really big place, all), and often feels less inhibiting, allowing us to focus more on the topic at hand.  In person sessions are available when requested and as possible.

Considering coaching?:

I am happy to set up a free informational session for us to get to know one another, understand where you are at, let you know what I do, and how I do it. If we both feel that we are well matched, then we will move from there.

Ready!? Curious? Reaching out is simple.